Twill Kaftan 16


Twill Silk
Natural dyed

Each piece is handdyed in alchemical processes up to 10 times by LN herself.
Pigments are extracted from foraged plants into dye bath for each piece individually
Layers of rose petals and flowers, minerals and organic matters creating the unique palette of prints and patterns are created by fermentation, pressure, steaming and other ancient techniques
All variations and irregularity should be embraced as the perfect imperfection of each garments very own story.

This is fashion for generations. Meaning the cut of the item is a classic and timeless, it will always be in style and your caftan is for life!

  • One size
  • Relaxed fit
  • Length back 143 cm
  • 100% silk



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I would like to give thanks to all the healthcare workers, the teachers that educate our children, the farmers and stores that keep supplying us with food and water. I send my love and prayers to those affected by Covid-19, in one way or another we all are. And through these rough times perhaps we realize that we are always one. A chain connected and in need of each other.

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